10 Awesome Spring Spring Break Activity Ideas


Spring is finally here and your kid’s spring break vacation is right around the corner. Worried about how to keep them entertained, busy and out of mischief during their week off? Well, worry no longer. With a little hard work and preparation you can give your kids a couple of fun packed days they’ll be sure to enjoy during this year’s spring holiday.

To help you come up with sure to please ideas to give your little ones the fun filled break they deserve, here are ten great activities you can organize for your kids this spring break. (Some assembly, planning, purchasing, cleaning, etc. required)

1. Pizza Party – Kids love pizza. Kids love parties. This combination is a no-brainer. Just order or make a bunch of pizzas, invite your children’s school mates over and Oila! a great time will be had by all.

2. Karaoke Party – What kid wouldn’t love to gather a bunch of kids their own age together and become a pop star for a day. You can rent the equipment, invite a bunch of friends and play D.J. M.O.M. for the day.

3. Ice Cream Social – Ice cream sundaes aren’t only fun to eat, they are also fun to build. Have a build your own sundae ice cream social and let your children and all their friends construct their own individual ultimate ice cream treats.

4. Scavenger Hunt – There be buried treasure here, Matey! Make a list of items your kids can gather from around the house and/or neighborhood and let them and their friends spend the afternoon scavenging for the long lost artifacts of some ancient civilization.

5. Wii Video Game Tournament – And the Gold medal goes to… Invite the neighborhood kids over for a fun filled afternoon of video games and make sure to throw in some prizes for the champions, the best at sharing, or the most original use of a Wii controller.

6. Magic Show – The afternoon will disappear in a flash. Book a magic show for your children and their friends and you will have as much fun watching their amazement as they will have watching the show.

7. BINGO – B-2, B-10, B ready for lots of excitement. Organize a BINGO afternoon, complete with prizes, for your little ones and all their friends. You’ll be suprised how much fun such a simple game can be.

8. Making ‘Smores by a Campfire – Ooey-gooey chocolately fun. Spend an evening outdoors, with a warm crackling fire, and teach your children the ancient arts of marshmallow roasting and ‘smore construction. It is important to pass down culture traditions, especially the yummy ones.

9. Face Painting and Balloon Animals – Now I will turn this balloon into… a snake. Tada! Well, hopefully you can find someone to do better balloon animals than that, but your kids and their friends are sure to enjoy an afternoon of face painting and balloon animals. Its like a carnival.

10. A Fire Engine Demonstration – Okay, this might not be so easy to pull off. But I’ve never met a kid who wasn’t totally fascinated by a big red fire truck. And actually, if you’ll read a little further, you’ll see that it isn’t so hard to pull off at all, nor are any of the other activities on the list.

Any Kid would be thrilled to be able to do any one of these activities over their spring break. But, guess what. There is no reason to do only one. And there is no reason to worry with the muss and fuss of trying to pull one of these events together. You and your little one or ones can enjoy all of the activities listed above and more, hassle-free, by simply booking Spring Break Family Vacations Rhode Island RI 2012 at Bayside Resort Hotel.

At Bayside Resort Hotel you and your family can have the type of spring break vacation that brings families together and makes memories that will last a lifetime. Let Bayside take care of all the planning and preparation. With Bayside Resorts schedule of events the entire family will be able to enjoy a spring break vacation your kids will never forget.


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