A Real Family Vacation This Spring Break!


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Has spring break snuck up on you again? Are you trying to make last minute arrangements for an entertaining family vacation the kids will remember for years to come? Do you want to be able to spend time together doing things you will all enjoy? Sounds like you should check out Bayside Resort Hotel on Cape Cod.

This Spring Break Bayside Resort Hotel is offering a vacation your little ones won’t soon forget. Every day of your kids vacation will literally be jam packed with new and thrilling activities. From a Rainforest Reptile Show to a Kid’s Karaoke Party to the “Up, Up and Away” Mad Science Discovery Show there is something fun, exciting and educational to do morning, noon and night.

But Spring break isn’t only for kids and this is a Spring Break the whole family will enjoy. What is better than time spent with the kids at events like a Family P.J and Movie Party, where you can catch a family friendly film and chomp down some popcorn, and a Campfire and Smores evening on the beach. This isn’t just a vacation full of activities to keep the kids busy. This is a spring break vacation the family can enjoy the way families should enjoy vacations, together.

And speaking of evenings, after the little ones have had full days of fun, and evening rolls around, parents can find a little time to do a little something for themselves at Bayside Resort Hotel. With Parent’s Happy Hour at the Moby Dick Pub from 7-9 pm and Adult only pool hours from 10-11 pm Mom and Dad can find time to unwind and be ready to enjoy each bright new activity filled day. So don’t worry. You’ve got Spring break in the bag. Just contact Bayside Resort Hotel and get ready for one of the best family vacations you’ve had in years.

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