Antique Shopping on Cape Cod: The Stringe Gallery

Say the words: Antique Shopping on Cape Cod…. and some people get a look of wonderment and excitement in their eyes.

This region is a haven for antique shoppers and dealers. You never know what you’re going to find tucked away inside a quaint Cape Cod antique shop.

Stringe Gallery

Stringe Gallery

One of our favorites – and among many Cape Cod tourist attractions – is the Stringe Gallery in Brewster, MA.

Step inside and you’ll find fine country antique furniture and an impressive collection of art, including oils and watercolors painted by award winning Cape Cod artist Tom Stringe.

Stringe’s work – the color and brilliance – is awe inspiring.

All original oil paintings are framed in high quality gold or silver frames appropriate to the piece. Original watercolors are custom framed by the artist using museum quality double mats, glass and frames to compliment each work.

Just take a look:

Summer Shade

Summer Shade, 10x19


Come explore Cape Cod’s antique shops and the beautiful work of Tom Stringe on your next Cape Cod vacation.

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