Mad Scientists Mesmerize Spring Breakers

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April Spring Break is upon us.

There’s no time like the present to get the kids out of the house and into something really exciting for Spring Break vacation.

Kids Vacation Fun Week at Bayside Resort Hotel on Cape Cod is your best bet.

It’s no hassle – no fuss – fun and educational!

Now, before you wince at the word “educational” – take comfort in knowing that the kids will absolutely love taking part in Bayside’s Mad Science show.

This is a show for all age groups – even grownups.

Now this is not a magic show. The Mad Scientists are out there showing kids how cool science is with dynamic presentations and exciting experiments. Their show is designed to convey the basic scientific principles in fun and exciting ways. They may cover anything from air pressure and electricity to the states of matter. For example, the Mad Scientists may:  bayside-mad-science

  • Fit an egg into an impossibly small space
  • Create tornadoes in a tube
  • Catch a shadow
  • Melt styrofoam
  • Light a light bulb without plugging it in
  • Change water temperature instantly
  • See how a rainbow is made
  • Create the world’s smallest fireworks show
  • Make water glow in the dark

Parents, your cool factor will rise exponentially if you take the kids to see the Mad Science show during Kids Vacation Fun Week. It’s a sure fire good time for April Spring Break.

For more information on the packages available for Kids Vacation Fun Week (April 17 -26) and for more event descriptions click here.

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