At The Bayside Resort, Even The Down Time is Entertaining!


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You know, a kid’s spring break vacation should be stuffed full of opportunities to participate in a lot of fun and varied activities. And, if that is the kind of April spring break vacation you are looking for, you really don’t need to look anywhere other than Bayside Resort Hotel on Cape Cod. Their Spring Break kid’s vacation will keep the kids so busy they will be smiling all week long.

But, with all that excitement, the kids are also bound to need a little down time. Let’s face it, activities are great but every now and then even the kids need an hour or two to veg out. The great thing about Bayside Resorts April spring break kids vacations is that, along with thinking up tons of fun stuff to do, they’ve also considered that even kids need a break.

When the little ones start to hit the wall and need a slower paced afternoon or morning there is nothing like a movie or two to keep them entertained. At Bayside resort Kid’s Movie Madness is never more than a remote control away.

All day, everyday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Kid’s Movie Madness will be playing a schedule of movies that are sure to keep your children interested during their quiet time. Just switch over to channel three and your kids can kick back and enjoy a fun family movie in the restful quiet of your own room.

Then, with the batteries fully recharged, its time to hit the pool, or the Wii, or the fire truck demonstration and they’re off again into hours more of interesting, healthy and educational activities.

Be sure to look at Bayside Resort Hotels schedule of events for their spring break kid’s vacations and see all the excitement your family can have this April 17th-25th. Its a spring break vacation your kids will never forget.

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