Best Places to Enjoy Peak Foliage on Cape Cod

best hotels on cape codCape Cod Resort Packages in the Fall are simply irresistible. Autumn is the best time on Cape Cod to get out and enjoy the cool, crisp air… and, of course, the wonderful foliage.

Many popular things to do in Cape Cod in the fall include apple and pumpkin picking, but we recommend hiking. Cape Cod has some phenomenal trails that are perfect for Fall Hiking on Cape Cod.

Here are our top Cape Cod Hiking Trails as described by the great folks at  Golf & Leisure Cape Cod.

Kent’s Point Conservation Area, Orleans

Popular with dog walkers but unknown to most people, Kent’s Point is a 27.7-acre peninsula that juts out into the waters of Pleasant Bay. Orleans acquired the land from long-time owner Charlotte Kent in 1988 with the provision it be kept as a conservation area. There are several trails to explore with periodic benches to sit and enjoy the vista. The main trail winds through a beautiful cedar forest, offering occasional glimpses of The River at Pleasant Bay. When the forest falls away you can choose between a higher wooded trail or a walk along the sandy beach shore. The Point offers spectacular views of Little Pleasant Bay, and on a clear day you can see Chatham’s outer beach in the distance. The Cove Trail loops around to include views of Frost Fish Cove, while The Pond Trail leads to Kescayogansett Pond, a salt pond that is part of the Orleans herring run. There is a handicap accessible trail ramp to the beach.

Beebe Woods, Falmouth

Part of the Buzzard’s Bay glacial moraine, Beebe Woods is made up of 383 acres of land gifted to the town of Falmouth in 1966.  It has an extensive trail system that would take days (or maybe weeks) to fully explore.  The forest, consisting mostly of oak, pine and beech trees, is filled with birds of all kinds; mourning doves, titmice, ovenbirds, towhees, flickers, nuthatches and quail.  At the heart of Beebe Woods is a beautiful three-acre pond called Deep Pond, known as The Punch Bowl by locals. A hike to the pond and back takes about an hour, or you can head in another direction to visit Ice House Pond and the adjoining town-owned 88-acre Peterson Farm.

Bell’s Neck ConservationLands, Harwich

A large portion of the 259 acres that comprise Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands is covered with water, making it a Mecca for fishermen, kayakers and birdwatchers. The East Trailhead parking area is located between the brackish water East Reservoir and the freshwater West Reservoir. Trail maps are available at the kiosk located next to the parking area. The nearly three-mile wooded trail offers gorgeous views of salt marshes and old cranberry bogs, with the West Trailhead encompassing the Town’s herring run.  On a typical hike, it’s possible to see tree swallows, kingfishers, grackles, cormorants, herons, swans, osprey, and ducks of all kinds. The conservation area is also home to deer, foxes and coyotes, and offers many beautiful places to sit with a pair of binoculars.

Cape Cod Vacations

You can experience true beauty and brilliant foliage right in Cape Cod. This coastal region of Massachusetts has so much to offer avid hikers and casual wanderers.

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