Campfires & Smores During April Spring Break


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Ah, the smell of a burning campfire – the taste of warm smores.

This is April Spring Break on Cape Cod.

For years now, Bayside Resort Hotel has been making memories with their sunset campfires during their Spring Break Kids Vacation Fun Week.

Sure, kids love the games – the prizes – the pizza parties. But the real highlight is always the campfire and smores at sunset.

This is an activity for the entire family.

Everyone gathers around the fire pit at sunset, and immediately rips into fluffy bags of marshmallows.

Then – the toasting begins.


Kids watch as their marshmallow squares becomes a toasted, ooey-gooey mess. Then onto a graham cracker it goes, stacked with a piece of Hershey’s chocolate.

… And there you have it.  Pure heaven.

Top the smores off with some hot cocoa, a crackling fire, and a beautiful sunset –  and the Bayside campfire becomes a night to remember.

So why wait?

Give the kids a Spring Break vacation they’ll remember for a lifetime!

For more information on the packages available for Kids Vacation Fun Week (April 17 -26) and for more event descriptions click here.

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