Fun And Fright Along Old Kings Highway

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If you are looking for cool things to do on Cape Cod, there are always the traditional Cape Cod pastimes of whale watching,  golf, shopping, or spending time on some of the beautiful beaches.

However, if your interests fall more towards the unusual side of Cape Cod attractions,  a night spent along Old Kings Highway just might end up being the highlight of your trip.

Cape Cod Ghost Stories

Five nights a week (closed Fridays and Mondays) from mid April through the middle of November, the Old Kings Highway Historic District in Barnstable Village becomes the site of  a fascinating, and possibly terrifying, treat: the Barnstable Villlage Haunted & History Walking Tour.

The tour begins at Sturgis Library, once the home of Barnstable founder John Lothrop. It  is said that the old Lothrop ghost still spends his nights walking amongst the shelves of books.

From the Library the tour continues, offering both historic information about the local sites as well as the Cape Cod ghost stories that have followed.

Creepy Cemetaries

Tourists will walk to places like Cobb’s Hill Cemetery, the site of many unusual and unexplainable phenomenon.

Then they’ll visit the 1690 Old Jail where a ghostly caretaker is said to still keep an eye on the place… and those who visit.

And finally, as the night sets in, the tour wraps up at the Cape’s most haunted site “The House of Eleven Ghosts”.

All told, the tour includes ten stops and takes about two hours.

Book A Cape Cod Vacation!

To experience the fascinating history of old Cape Cod in a frighteningly unique fashion,  be sure to make Barnstable Village Haunted and History Walking Tour part of one of your next Cape Cod vacations.

It’ll give you chills.

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