5 Unique Cape Cod Museums

Image Provided By Kickstatic.com

Image Provided By Kickstatic.com

One thing that nearly all Cape Cod vacationers will agree on is that the Cape is a unique vacation destination.

From the kettle ponds to the historical significance – a Cape Cod vacation is an experience like no other.

Unusual Tourist Attractions

Being such a unique vacation spot, it’s no wonder you can find so many unusual Cape Cod attractions across the region. These attractions are fun and interesting experiences you won’t find anywhere else, and a great reason to make Cape Cod the site of your next family vacation.

Here are five wonderful and unusual museums you will find only on Cape Cod. Include one – or all five – on one of your next Cape vacation packages.

  • Sandwich Glass Museum — What started out as an agricultural community in the early 1600′s later became one of the great glass-making centers of the American Industrial Revolution. The collection at the glass museum is comprised of a number of cut and decorated pieces of glassware produced in the region between 1825 and 1907.
  • Porter Thermometer Museum — Would you believe this museum houses more than 4,600 thermometers, each with its own unique story? Dick Porter’s collection is an impressive compilation of rare, antique and artistic temperature measuring devices that you truly have to see to believe.
  • Aptucxet Trading Post Museum — Where there once stood a 17th century trading post, where pilgrims traded with the local Wampanoag Indians, now stands the Aptucxet Trading Post Museum. This museum features many artifacts from both native Americans and settlers as well as 17th century era herb and wildflower gardens.
  • Whaling Museum — Located on Nantucket, the Whaling Museum gives visitors a glimpse of whaling history in the area. Displays include the skeleton of a sperm whale, many maritime artifacts and displays illustrating the techniques of whaling and processing whales at sea.
  • Nantucket Life Saving Museum — The Life Saving Museum exhibits relics from the islands historic life saving stations which once served as a base for the heroic men tasked with saving those who fell victim to the island’s dangerous shores and shoals. Also on display at the museum are artifacts from the famed Andrea Doria that sank in July of 1956.

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