Cape Cod Bars and Pubs

download-8No matter the weather or time of year, folks love to indulge in a famed New England past time at the many Cape Cod Bars and Pubs - beer drinking.

Yes, New Englanders have enjoyed have enjoyed the heady effects of a good beer since they arrived on the Atlantic shores. Beer helped ferment the idea of the American Revolution in Boston taverns. And, Roger Williams authorized a Providence brewery after the dissident cleric was booted from Massachusetts.

While New England is rich in historic lore, so too are the stories surrounding the area’s great pubs.

Saddle Up and Order a Pint

Cape Cod bars also seem to be as much about socializing as they are about the libations. Pub proprietors feel it’s important to make their customers feel at home. You won’t find ear-splitting sound systems, just welcoming destinations where a premium is placed on the ability to carry on a conversation and savor the flavor, body, and aroma of a good beer.

Best Cape Cod Pubs

Of course the best Cape Cod pub, in our humble opinion, is situated inside the award-winning Bayside Resort Hotel. Moby Dick Pub is not your typical hotel bar. Step inside and you’ll find the walls papered with REAL dollar bills!

Legend has it that centuries ago fisherman would tack up a dollar before their trip at sea to ensure they would have money for a drink when they returned.

The tradition is kept alive today – although now it’s more of a novelty than a “savings account.” The pub’s bartenders will induct you into the Ceiling Hall of Fame if you sign a dollar bill. Patrons also like to share some words of wisdom on their bill for future patrons.

The pub is open daily and is a wonderful spot to relax and reconnect with friends and loved ones on one of many Cape Cod Vacation Packages.



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