Cape Cod Blooms in Winter

Things To See Cape CodThings to See Cape Cod

It’s winter – February to be exact – yet Spring has sprung on Cape Cod. There’s no snow on the ground. Temperatures are hovering near 50-degrees and, well, winter just never unfolded like we thought it would.

Is this good news?

You bet.

When Mother Nature gives us a warm winter, the rest of nature responds in a big way.

Natural Beauty

“It’s been a crazy year,” observes Mark Faherty, science coordinator at Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  “We had a green darner (a dragonfly) in December at Fort Hill. Insect activity is high because of the lack of frost.”

Even birds that usually migrate south for the winter have stuck around.

“There has been an ash-throated flycatcher at Fort Hill (a bird more at home in the western scrub), a painted bunting in Eastham (it lingered at a feeder until Jan. 25) and a western kingbird in Orleans,” Fahey reports. “There was a massive flock of warblers at Marconi [Wellfleet].”

One of the most unusual birds still around is called a brown booby.

“That’s a big mostly tropical seabird. The only place they breed is Hawaii, you can see them off Miami,” Fahey explains. “One was found in Dennis in August and it ended up on the Breakwater in Provincetown through mid-December. So a bird that is never seen north of Miami was hanging out in Provincetown fishing with cormorants.”

Business Booming

And while the weather has been kind to the birds and insects, the local Cape Cod resorts and hotels also have good news to report: business is booming!

The local Cape Cod hotels have been full all season – and nearby restaurants are reporting packed houses every weekend.

If you’re considering a winter getaway, then make Cape Cod your winter destination. Hotel Package Deals are going on right now!

If you can’t ski, then why not shop – right?


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