Cape Cod Golf Courses| Play At The Historic Highland Links

Highland Links Founded in 1892

Highland Links Founded in 1892

Cape Cod and its surrounding region is steeped in history and tradition with towns and buildings dating back hundreds of years.

One of our oldest treasures here on the Cape is called Highland Links.

This is a Cape Cod golf course like no other. The course was founded in 1892!

Golf pros and history buffs make the trip out to North Truro at least once in their lifetime just to see it.

Perched high along windswept bluffs, Highland Links overlooks the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean next to a vintage Cape Cod Lighthouse.

More significant than its age is Highland’s heritage. Following Scottish tradition, the course offers deep natural rough, Scotch broom, heath, non-irrigated open fairways, and spectacular ocean views.

While Highland is a fantastic Cape Cod golf course, it is a no-frills, rather spartan place to play.  

However, even the most experienced pros have said that Highland’s lack of modern conveniences make the course all the more charming.

If you’ve ever wanted to see and play at Highland Links - now’s your chance!

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