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Cape Cod is a region that is chalk full of many fun-filled activities – like the beach, golfing, and boating.

But sun and surf aside, real Cape Cod charm can be found among its many districts of historic homes and attractions.

Sure, the kids may balk at the thought of touring an historic Cape Cod home – but as soon as they step inside, they will become captivated.

One museum children and adults always love to visit is the Old Schoolhouse Museum in Eastham MA.

Since old schoolhouses in general are so fascinating – especially for school-age children – this Eastham museum is a real crowd pleaser.

Schoolhouse History

Take one step inside The Old Schoolhouse Museum and you will be immediately transported back to a bygone era when one-room schools were commonplace throughout rural America. All of the students met in a single room and were taught by the same teacher through eighth grade.

Often these schoolhouses were the center and focus for thousands of rural communities, hamlets and small towns. Town meetings and picnics were also held there.

The vast majority of one-room schools in the United States are no longer used as schools and have either been torn down or converted for other purposes. However, in some rural communities, including among the Amish, one-room or two-room schools are still used, primarily for elementary education, with students graduating to local or regional middle and high schools.

The Old Schoolhouse Museum

Eastham’s Old Schoolhouse Museum is located on Nauset Road across from the National Seashore Visitor Center.

The museum itself is housed in a one-room schoolhouse that was built in 1869.

The original and remaining one of the three schoolhouses consolidated on that site in 1906,  it served the town until 1936 when its last pupils moved to a newer building. The old building stood abandoned for many years until 1963 when the newly-formed Eastham Historical Society looked about for a place to house the town’s historical treasures. The school building, then well on its way to decrepitude, was purchased, restored, and became a museum.

The museum displays objects from the various facets of the town’s history including farming, shipwrecks, the Life Saving Service, Native American artifacts, the school and daily life in town. And, the schoolhouse, with its original schoolmaster’s desk, is furnished to replicate how it looked in earlier days.

The Old Schoolhouse Museum is listed in the National Register of Historic Places – and has truly become a New England treasure.

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