Celebrating the Season:Thanksgiving In Old Sturbridge Village

Old Sturbridge Village

Cape Cod Thanksgiving 2012

When family just can’t get to your house for Thanksgiving… or when the thought of cooking a turkey feast doesn’t sound so appetizing, hop in the car and head to one the best Cape Cod hotels – where you can partake in true Thanksgiving traditions in Old Sturbridge Village.

A REAL Thanksgiving Day Re-Creation

Old Sturbridge Village gives visitors a real glimpse at what Thanksgiving – including the ritual of preparing a feast –  was like for settlers in the early 19th century.

On Thanksgiving Day in November, the Village re-creates the entire meal, showing tourists and locals alike how the mid-day feast was prepared in a hearth and how families gathered around the table to give thanks for their bountiful meal.

Not only is the preparation the highlight, people thoroughly enjoy seeing what was really on the menu during as well as learning about table manners and other customs. Back then, the settlers used to tuck their rolls inside their dinner napkins!

Visitors are also encouraged to stop in at Sturbridge MA Small House and learn about true Native American cooking.

More Thanksgiving Traditions

Aside from learning – and seeing – the turkey feast, visitors to Old Sturbridge may attend a re-created Thanksgiving Day service in the Center Meetinghouse and learn why Thanksgiving Day was so important to early New Englanders – more so than even Christmas or Easter!

Finally, after your belly is full,  you can cheer on the Village menfolk as they engage in an after-dinner shooting match with real blackpowder muskets. The targets are paper of course.

Book A Cape Cod November Vacation!

Skip going to grandma’s house this Thanksgiving. Instead, invite her and your entire family to Cape Cod!

A trip to celebrate Thanksgiving in Old Sturbridge Village is the perfect ring in the holiday season!

It is a window back in time – a chance to explore what Thanksgiving was really like for people centuries ago.


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