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With all the news about global warming and the “green” movements that are popular all across the country these days nature exhibits and tourist attractions have become some of the hottest items on many people’s vacation itineraries. Those who know Cape Cod know that the area has long been a premier destination for those who are interested in experiencing and learning about nature and the environment in all its varied forms.

Natural Beauty

From the Cape’s National Seashore and its 43,064 acres of shoreline to the 365 local freshwater kettles the red maple and white cedar forests and the numerous wildlife preserves and aquariums, Cape Cod offers visitors a wide variety of nature oriented attractions to explore. And, among these attractions, perhaps the most beautiful is Polly Hill Arboretumin West Tisbury, Massachusetts, on Martha’s Vineyard.

A Botanical Landmark

Polly Hill Arboretum is a horticultural and botanical landmark developed by the famous horticulturist, Polly Hill. In 1958, Polly began an arboretum which grew over the next several years to encompass more than 20 acres of cultivated gardens and 40 acres of native woodland. The arboretum was then established as a not-for-profit institution in 1997 and has since worked to cultivate, study and preserve its magic and tranquil landscape.

An arboretum is technically defined as a scientific collection of tress and shrubs, and the collection at Polly Hill is centered around broadening the range of plants that can be cultivated on the island and to introduce and preserve ornamental plants and those threatened by extinction. Its primary focus is on the flora of Martha’s Vineyard, the Atlantic Coastal Plains, and eastern Asia.

Affordable Admission

Whether you are interested in the plant world from a scientific, environmental or purely aesthetic perspective Polly Hill Arboretum is an enjoyable and rewarding experience during any season. It is open year-round and offers many special scheduled events. Admission is $5 for adults and free for kids 12 and under.

If you are interested in learning more about the environment or just love the beauty of nature make sure you visit Polly Hill Arboretum on your next Cape Cod vacation. Hotel Vacation Packages are available now at many of the popular Cape Cod Resorts and Hotels!


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