Diver Discovers Shipwreck In Nantucket Sound

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Deep sea diving is quickly becoming one of the most popular things to do in Cape Cod in the summer. The temperature in Nantucket Sound in July and August registers a bathtub-warm 75-degrees and visibility can range from cloudy to 20-to-25 feet clear.

On a recent deep sea dive, Don Ferris set his sights on a real shipwreck.

Cape Cod Shipwreck

It took him by surprise, rising 4-feet off the white sandy bottom, running for nearly the length of what was once a 300-foot-long five-masted schooner. As he was swimming around one side of the wreck, Ferris saw the cast-iron ship’s wheel, its spokes and hand grips covered in matted forms of sea life that waved in the current, but still standing upright in the sand, with the large rudder nearby.

A website developer, diving instructor and amateur historian, Ferris didn’t come across this shipwreck accidentally. Shipwreck diving is an obsession with him, and the May 1909 grounding and sinking on Half Moon Shoal of the Jennie French Potter, a five-masted freighter, was well-documented in news articles of the day. Besides, the wreck had originally been marked with a buoy, and fishermen knew there was something down there.

The Jennie French Potter was one of only 56 five-masted vessels built on the East Coast during the period from 1888 to 1920. The vessel was almost 260 feet long and carried bulk freight along the East Coast. On May 18, 1909, it was carrying 32,000 tons of coal when the wind died and a strong tidal current pushed it up onto the shoal. Ferris said the vessel would have drawn 30 feet fully loaded.

Ferris’ Nantucket Sound discovery is something he’ll never forget, and one future divers will seek out for themselves.

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