Pirate Treasures Await At The Whydah Pirate Museum On Cape Cod

Cape Cod Things To See

Cape Cod Things To See

There are plenty of tales of pirates and sunken treasure in New England folklore, but there has only ever been one discovery of a verified pirate shipwreck.

That shipwreck is the Whydah.

The Tale Of Whydah

Whydah’s remains were discovered off the coast of Cape Cod and are now on display at the Whydah Pirate Museum in Provincetown.

It was in 1717 that the Whydah, a slaver turned pirate ship – and one of the most advanced sailing vessels of the day –  was claimed by the sea during a violent storm. Now, thanks to underwater explorer and real life treasure hunter Barry Clifford, Whydah’s bounty has been brought to the surface for the world to see.

Among the recovered treasures housed at the Whydah Museum are a wide variety of  old currency including pieces of eight, doubloons and Spanish dollars, as well as jewels, goblets and other 18th century artifacts. Most are kept safe in glass cases, though there are also a couple of exhibits that allow the curious to get their hands on a few pieces of pirate treasure.

Children of all ages, and their adults, are always thrilled by the large canon recovered from the wreck and rumored to contain an unknown amount of treasure. The museum also features video stations that show footage of  Clifford and his project team as they reclaim Whydah’s wreck deep in the ocean.

Museum hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from April through October – and admission is $8 for adults and $6 for children. Children under six get in free.

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