International Travelers Set Their Sights On Cape Cod

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What is the best time of year to come to Cape cod? Do visitors need a car? How frequently do ferries travel to and from Cape Cod and the islands?

These are the questions being asked by international travel agents as they tour the region on behalf of their customers. The tour is intended to familiarize the travel agents with Cape Cod and prepare their customers for future vacations to Cape Cod, the islands, and the Boston area.

Bringing in foreign travelers is essential for the tourism industry because international visitors generally take longer trips, spend more money each day and do not make last-minute changes to their plans when bad weather threatens, said Michele Pecoraro, vice president of operations for the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.

“They spend anywhere between five and 10 times more on a vacation than a domestic traveler,” she said. “They have a culture where travel is extremely important to the quality of their lives.”

The trips are usually relatively brief, intensely busy tours of several areas that a traveler might be likely to visit in one vacation. One recent travel agents group, from the United Kingdom, took a bus tour of Martha’s Vineyard on Friday morning, explored Oak Bluffs in the afternoon, ate dinner in Mashpee that evening, visited the Upper Cape on Saturday morning and ended up in Boston that night.

So which countries send the most visitors to Cape Cod?

The United Kingdom sends the most, according to tourism officials, followed by Germany, France and Italy.

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