The Mayflower II – A Thanksgiving Vacation Gem

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If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Cape Cod around Thanksgiving, you must put a visit to the Mayflower II  in Plymouth MA on your itinerary.

Historic Recreation

The Mayflower II is an amazing recreation of a real 17th century sailing ship – just like the one the pilgrims sailed during their voyage to America in 1620. Everything from the ships rigging, made from hemp rope coated in tar, to the oak timber frame has been recreated with great care for historical accuracy to let you experience a bit of what the original passengers and crew experienced so long ago.

Staff on board are dressed in modern day clothing and are able to answer any questions – often in authentic old english accents –  about the original ship or its reproduction.  There are also role players, dressed in period costume, who will share their stories of shipboard life.

Ask the role players questions about their life and talk with them about any topics you are interested in – they encourage it!  But, be sure to remember that the viewpoints of 17th century peoples were vastly different than those held by most people today. Don’t be shocked if they don’t agree with your concepts of freedom and equality and be prepared to hear things the people of today might consider bigoted or intolerant. It is truly an opportunity to see the world as it was seen by the people of the time. And, if you listen closely, you’ll hear their Old English accents.

Be sure to take some time to explore the passengers’ quarters, the sailors’ bunks and the spacious master’s cabin, and see what life might have been like for people of varying social classes and ranks.

Cape Cod Tourist Attractions

As you and your family prepare to give thanks this holiday, consider spending your holiday where Thanksgiving happened first – in Cape Cod!

Take advantage of one of the many  Cape Cod Hotel Packages, then make the drive to Plymouth MA to visit the Mayflower II. It promises to be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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