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When you grow tired of some of the standard outdoor activities on Cape Cod – then it’s time to give whale watching a try.

From Plymouth to Provincetown, there’s nothing like whale watching on Cape Cod. It’s a thrilling adventure the entire family will enjoy.

Embark On A Sightseeing Adventure

Whale watching crews leave regularly from Plymouth, Barnstable and Provincetown Harbors – and most guarantee a sighting.

No matter where you embark, your cruise will probably take you to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the whales’ favorite feeding grounds.

Each year, beginning in late winter, whales return to The Sanctuary, which encompasses over 600 square nautical miles, about 26 miles east of Boston, 6 miles north of Race Point and 7 miles from Gloucester. Because the water is shallow there, plankton upon which whales feed rises closer to the surface.

The Sanctuary is also rumored to be the site of some old shipwrecks. Data strongly suggests the presence of over 50 shipwreck sites within the sanctuary. Important sites that have already been investigated include the historically significant wreck of the steamship Portland which sank in 1898 during a gale named after the ship.

What You’ll See

During a typical Cape Cod whale watching trip, guides will help you spot, identify and learn more about whales. You are likely to see humpback, finback and minke whales – and no words can describe the thrill and excitement you’ll feel when you see these whales for the first time.

You’ll see whales breaching, leaping straight out of the water into the air.

You’ll see them spyhopping, holding their heads high out of the water as if having a look around.

And you’ll see them sounding, executing a dive.

Sometimes, a whale will even slap the water with its flippers as if to greet you.

Visit Cape Cod!

On your next visit to the region be sure to put whale watching on your list of things to do on Cape Cod.

Spotting these gentle giants is such a remarkable sight – and it’s something that should be experienced by every member of your family.

Book a stay at one of the resorts on Cape Cod and begin building lasting family memories this year!


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