Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Image provided by Sea.edu

Image provided by Sea.edu

When the weather turns cold in the winter months on Cape Cod – people head indoors.

But many visitors wonder…. what are some things to do on Cape Cod during the winter?

The answer?

A lot.

From browsing antique stores to hitting an indoor family amusement center – there are tons of things to do that will suite every need and desire.

One of the biggest draws on Cape Cod in the winter is the Woods Hole Science Aquarium (WHSA).

Did You Know?

WHSA is the country’s oldest marine aquarium.

That’s right!

WHSA was established in 1885 in Woods Hole MA. Today, it is owned by the federal government and operated by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service.

Thousands of families come to aquarium each year and gaze in amazement at one of the many aquarium attractions, including:

  • Harbor seals
  • Animals of the Northeast and Middle Atlantic waters
  • Exhibit cases with bones, skulls, and teeth
  • Information about marine animals, marine environments, endangered species, and marine science
  • Touch tanks with lobsters, horseshoe crabs, quahogs, starfish, and hermit crabs

Go Behind The Scenes

Budding marine biologists and science buffs will get a kick out of the aquariums open-door policy. Visitors are allowed behind the scenes, where they can watch the staff feed animals, clean tanks, and work on the life support systems.

WHSA staff take great pride in their work… and it shows!

The aquarium’s main mission today is conservation.  While the staff supports fisheries research, it also rehabilitates and releases cold-stunned turtles and provides a permanent home for stranded seals that cannot be released into the wild.

Come For A Visit!

Whether your Cape Cod vacation brings you to the region during the summer or the winter – a trip to the Woods Hole Science Aquarium is well worth it.

Don’t forget to look into some great package deals before you book your trip. There is a Cape Cod hotel just waiting for you and your family!

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