Ease and Tranquility at The Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

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  Ideal Excursion for Nature Lovers   Cape Cod has some of the best natural tourist attractions  in the country.   From the Cape Cod National Seashore to the kettle ponds and cranberry bogs,  there are countless wonderful and beautiful natural settings to enjoy all across the area.   Long Pasture […]

Must See Cape Cod Freshwater Ponds

Attractions in Cape Cod

Hidden Natural Treasures   Cape Cod is full of hidden natural treasures that many visitors – and even locals – don’t know about. Among them… some 300 freshwater ponds.   Secret Locales   Unlike bay and ocean beaches, where signs point you in the right direction, towns on Cape Cod like […]

Captain Bangs Hallet House Museum


See A Sea Captain’s Home On Cape Cod   Want to see something really cool during your visit to Cape Cod? Head to Captain Bangs Hallet House Museum in Yarmouth Port!   Intimate Glance into 19th Century Family Life   Inside, you see that the parlors are arranged as if […]

Nantucket Attractions: The Antheneum

Cape Cod Tourist Attractions

  Touring the Nantucket Antheneum   One of the Cape Cod tourist attractions that often goes overlooked is the Nantucket Antheneum.   What Is An Antheneum?   Atheneums (named for Athena the goddess of wisdom) were established in the 18th and 19th centuries as private literary societies and centers of […]

The Cape Cod Golf Courses Are Open!

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Play Cape Cod Golf   Players from around the country have begun their pilgrimage to Cape Cod and they have their sights set on all of the beautiful public and private golf courses. Cape Cod golf courses offer beauty, convenience and a challenge for all skill sets.   Cape Cod […]