Everybody Loves Ice Cream!

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Kids loves ice cream. Parents love ice cream. Grandparents love ice cream. Even lactose intolerant people love ice cream. Lets face it, everyone loves ice cream. And what is more fun for a bunch of ice cream lovers than a build your own sundae ice cream social.

As one of the events in our April spring break kid’s vacation, Bayside Resort Hotel is putting on build your own Sundae ice cream socials on four different nights. I don’t know about you, but knowing my kids they’d want to be first in line for all four of them.

As for me, well, I wouldn’t say no to a couple of scoops, maybe a little hot fudge, some chopped nuts, a bright red cherry perched delicately atop a fluffy white cloud of whipped cream… Excuse me, I got a little carried away. Where was I? Oh yeah. Ice cream!

The build your own sundae ice cream socials are only one of over fifteen events packed into Bayside Resort Hotels spring break kid’s vacation packages. Kids will also be able to experience magic shows, sing karaoke, chow down on gooey cheese pizza and splash around the pool in “games for Tash and prizes”. The entire week is so packed with activity that there won’t be a moment where your kids will be left without anything to do.

But back to the ice cream. Just think about the smile on your little ones face as they construct their ultimate creamy frozen concoction. And ice cream socials are about more than just ice cream. Nothing brings kids together like ice cream and your children are bound to meet plenty of new friends to share their super sundae recipes with.

Check out Bayside Resort Hotels April Spring Break kids vacation packages and see everything they have to offer. It will be a vacation to remember.

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