Kayaking on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Vacation PackagesSure Cape Cod Resorts and shopping areas are always popular tourist attractions, but believe it or not kayaking is fast becoming one of the more popular things to do on Cape Cod.

Kayaking outfitters are scattered across the Cape. Many even have mobile operations during the peak seasons of spring and summer. They’ll deliver your kayak to you – no matter where you are!

Kayak Rentals Cape Cod

If you’re renting a kayak on Cape Cod, try one that is shorter than 15 feet with a fairly flat bottom for stability. In a kayak that is two to two-and-a-half feet wide, you will be able to kayak just about anywhere on Cape Cod. If you have more experience and courage, try a longer, narrower kayak and head into choppier, open waters. A personal flotation device and a guide or a map are also “must haves” on a Cape Cod kayaking trip.

Depending on your kayaking experience and your sense of direction, you can set off on your own to explore Cape Cod’s marshes, ponds, rivers and bays. A sure bet for a fun and relaxing day, however, is a Cape Cod kayak tour, led by a seasoned guide. Most outfitters offer tours, each with different routes and different start times each day. A sunset kayaking tour of Cape Cod is an experience that can’t be beat!

From the Upper Cape to Provincetown, your kayaking possibilities are awesome! There are over 60 different kayaking routes to explore across the Cape.

Come Explore Cape Cod

Whether you’re looking to spend a quiet day with your family, or just need some good exercise – a Cape Cod kayaking excursion is definitely the way to go.

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of New England’s ecosystem from a kayak – and relax!

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Your adventure awaits…


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