Should You Dare Visit the Haunted Dillingham House?

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Source: Courtesy of Cape Cod Haunted and History Tours

Part of the allure of visiting popular Cape Cod Hotels Resorts in October is to share in the paranormal experiences that happen in some homes across the Cape every year. Yes, haunted houses do exist… and you can find quite a few around these parts.

One chilling Cape Cod haunted house tale comes to us from the author of Haunted Cape Cod and the Islands in which Mark Jasper tells the tale of the haunted Dillingham House.

Should you visit the Dillingham House in Sandwich, look for door latches lifting and rocking chairs rocking away while nobody is sitting there. Listen for children’s voices, giggles, and the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the halls. The story goes that Branch Dillingham committed suicide in the home in 1813. A few weeks later, his wife died and their nine children were left without parents. Are Branch, Ruth, and their nine children haunting this house? Head on over and judge for yourself. According to the police reports that have been filed over the years regarding suspicious activity at the Dillingham House, October seems to be the most active time for ghosts at the old house.

Other popular haunted Cape Cod tales include that of Capt. Roland Kelley who may haunt his former home at 480 Main Street in Dennis. There is also Nantucket’s Jared Coffin house where on cool evenings when the fireplace is lit, one may find a rocking chair next to the fireplace rocking slowly back and forth.


Whether  or not you believe in ghosts and things that go bump in the night, October is a fabulous time to visit Cape Cod and take advantage of off-season Cape Cod Hotel Deals. Go ahead… plan a visit. If you dare…


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