Spring Break Doesn’t Mean The Learning Stops!

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Just because spring break is here doesn’t mean our children to click off their bodies and minds and turn into slow roasting couch potatos. Believe it or not exercise and educational activities can be a lot more fun than flipping through one mindless show after another.

And if you are looking for a great way to spend some time with the kids this spring break a kid’s vacation at Bayside Resort Hotel is just the thing for you.

Not only does Bayside offer activities that will keep your kids physically active like the “Pool Games with Tash and Prizes”, where Tash and Jeannie will keep kids of all ages involved in a variety of fun and challenging water games, but Bayside Resort also offers a number of activities that will teach the children more about the people and world around them.

Kid’s eyes will be opened to the wonders of science by the Mad Scientists. With numerous fun exciting and engaging experiments the Mad scientists will wow the kids, and probably quite a few parents too, with an amazing array of experiments. There is nothing that can capture a child’s imagination like the mysteries of science and there is nothing like a solid foundation of scientific principles to ensure a child’s interest in education.

The kids will also enjoy learning all about the creatures of the rain forest in the Rain Forest Reptile Show. Here kids will get to experience the animals of one of the most important and varied environments on Earth. Your child’s interest in animals and the environment will no doubt be piqued by the ability to get face to face with some of the coolest reptiles ever to crawl from the through the muck.

And, don’t forget to let your child learn all about the teamwork and reliability required in a working K-9 unit. K-9 officers and there dependable four legged partners will have your kids undivided attention as the discuss how dog and officer must learn to rely on and trust each other. Your kids may even have the chance to assist in a demonstration. That’s the kind of involvement that makes a real and lasting impact on a child’s mind.

So this Spring break get the kids of the couch and experience the excitement of a Bayside Resort Hotel kid’s vacation. They will never enjoy learning more.

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