Face Painting, Balloons, And Laughs


Okay, so you’ve probably tried just about everything to get the kids to have fun on their Spring Break vacation.

It’s not an easy task.

Boredom can set in – fast.

With the weather nice, why not give the kids a real outlet – something they can sink their teeth into and have fun during April Spring Break?

Kids Vacation Fun Week at the award-winning Bayside Resort Hotel on Cape Cod is it.

It’s a week of food, fun, games, songs, and prizes – all rolled into one affordable Spring Break package.

Just take a look at this action-packed lineup for Wednesday, April 22nd:

  • 9am – Pool games and prizes.
  • 1pm- Magic show!
  • 3:30pm- Rainforest Reptile Show
  • 7pm- Campfire & Smores at Sunset
  • 7-9m- Parents Happy Hour – Moby Dick Pub
  • 10-11pm- Adults Only Pool Hours

While I could on and on about each of these fun activities – especially the fire engine demonstration, I can’t emphasize enough how delighted the little kids will be at the face painting and balloon animal party.

This is an opportunity for the kids to come eat and laugh while getting their faces painted as leering lions, or even G.I. Joes.  Debbie the Balloon Girl will also be there taking animal balloon requests – and the kids love to try and stump her with their off-the-wall animal requests.

A Spring Break Family Vacation at Bayside Resort Hotel is fun for the whole family – and oh-so affordable.

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