Spring Break Packages With Pizza Parties And More…


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Most Spring Break packages are pretty basic.

You get hotel accommodations, access to a pool, maybe free breakfast.

But at Bayside Resort Hotel, April Spring Break is so much more than that.

Cape Cod’s award winning hotel goes all out for families during Spring Break vacation by hosting, what they call, Kids Vacation Fun Week.

In case you haven’t heard – this is a mega-Spring Break bash that is family friendly, and probably the most fun Spring Break activity on Cape Cod.

Aside from the games, campfires, and Wii competitions – Bayside also gives kids what they really love: Pizza.

The pizza parties during Kids Vacation Fun Week are extraordinary – simply because they are so much fun.

Kids are given a standard cheese pizza – then presented with so many fun toppings. Sure, you have pepperoni and sausage, but the owner also likes to throw in few surprises.

Some of the pizzas we’ve seen are pretty crazy – but the kids love them nonetheless.

Of course, beverages are also served to quench that after-pizza thirst.

Parents, while you may be less ambitious when building your own pizza, you will no doubt have a ball watching the kids indulge in this pizza frenzy.

After all, isn’t this what Spring Break is all about?

Kids Vacation Fun Week at Bayside Resort Hotel – It just may be the best Spring Break package around.

For more information on the packages available for Kids Vacation Fun Week (April 17 -26) and for more event descriptions click here.

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