Live Reptile Show A Spring Break Hit!


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If you thought touching snakes and lizards was just plain gross – think again.

Bayside Resort Hotel’s live Rainforest Reptile Show during Spring Break vacation is a huge success – every single year.

This is an event that gets kids away from the pool or video games for a short time to learn about something unique and mysterious: earth’s reptiles.

And the reptile experts really know how to make the show fun. Their program engages children of all ages at a hands on level. Kids get to experience direct contact with live reptiles and artifacts. They also get to hear fascinating stories about the reptiles and their natural habitats.

So, load up the car and take the kids to Cape Cod for the ultimate Spring Break vacation experience. The kids will learn about everything – from snakes to crocs – and will get in some good old fashion pool time as well.

Who knew learning about creepy crawlers and snakes  during April Spring Break would be so fun?

For more information on the Spring Break packages available for Kids Vacation Fun Week (April 17 -26) and for more event descriptions click here.

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