The Haunted Hyannis Library

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The Hyannis Library Is Now At The Center Of Some Of The Famous Cape Cod Ghost Stories. Ghost Hunters Have Discovered That The Historic Library Is Haunted.

Fun And Fright Along Old Kings Highway

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Old Kings Highway – One Of The Most Unusual Cape Cod Attractions, Especially If You Love To Hear Cape Cod Ghost Stories. Head To Barnstable For Fun And Fright.

Exploring Haunted Cape Cod

Mysterious Marsh People

Captivating Cape Cod Ghost Stories! On Your Next Cape Cod Vacation – Explore The Region’s History and Haunted Lore By Taking A Ghostly Walking Tour!

True Ghost Stories of Cape Cod

Massachusetts is full of ghostly tales. From the old witches of Salem to the phantoms of the Cape’s inns and taverns – there is a ghost story in nearly every town here in the Bay State.