Take a Day Trip to 1627 at Plimoth Plantation

plimoth-plantationPretty much everyone knows about all the fun stuff there is for vacationers to do on Cape Cod. They also know all about the important role the Cape and surrounding areas have played in the nation’s history. What they may not know is that with a day trip to the historic 1627 English Village at Plimoth Plantation, in Plymouth, Massachusettes, they can combine the two into a vacation experience they won’t soon forget.

The 1627 English village is exactly what the name suggests, a re-creation of a 1627 farming town just like the ones some of the earliest settlers of the U.S, would have built in the middle of the Wampanoag Indians’ land. Visitors to the village will find themselves taken back to life as it was in an authentic “Pilgrim” village just seven years after the Mayflower landed.

The whole experience is self guided so you can walk at your own pace amongst the timber frame houses, gardens, livestock and villagers. Feel free to ask questions or strike up a conversation with any of the role players who are going about their days eating, working or involved in lively conversations throughout the town.

All the town folk have unique stories to tell and are well versed in the history of the settlement as well as subjects like the medical practices and religious beliefs of the times. And don’t worry that your Shakespearean English might not be up to par. Though the settlers all speak in the language of the period, modern English is just fine for visitors (though you may be asked to explain the meaning of modern terms such as “bathroom”).

This is a truly unique experience that your whole family will be talking about for years to come. So make a day trip to Plymouth on your next Cape Cod vacation and experience life with the Pilgrims for yourself. The 1627 English Village offers a fascinating look at the early history of the nation in a setting that is so much fun you will completely forget that its also wonderfully educational.

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