Gone Fishin’ … For Striper!

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Ah, there is no place like a good fishing spot – and Cape Cod is loaded with them. In fact, if you find yourself on Cape Cod within the next few weeks – and you love to fish – striper is your catch.

Commercial striper season is in full swing on Cape Cod and that means permitted fishermen can take multiple fish on the prescribed days. Even the big-time commercial fishermen will be out on the water earning a part of their year’s income from their striper catches.

This time of year also means restaurants and local fish markets are stocking up and plating them up.

Tony Pasquale, chef/proprietor of Terra Luna in Truro, with the assistance of sous chef Robert Emmet, is running a different bass special every few days for as long as the season holds.

Pasquale praises striper meat. “I love the sweetness of the fish. It has a great texture, and is great for grilling. It has enough flavor to stand on its own, but is versatile enough to carry the flavors of whatever you cook it in, ” he tells The Cape Cod Times.

Through a part of the July, he’s running a striper special with fingerling potatoes dug daily from nearby Six Pence Farm. (So named because when Peter Burgess first turned the soil to start his garden there, he found an old British six pence coin that predates the incorporation of Truro itself.)

Pasquale will grill the striper, then finish in a pan with the potatoes, some sea beans snipped by a kayaker of his acquaintance, add some saffron and tomatoes and finish everything in a rosemary oil with just a little bit of cob-smoked bacon for flavor. Then he plates and serves, everything on the dish sourced locally and brought in only hours earlier.

Cape Cod Summer Vacations

If you fancy fish – or the sport of fishing – summer is an excellent time to visit Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Hotels are offering their lowest seasonal rates – the best all year!  If you haven’t spent a weekend here and a beautiful day on the water – well, you’re missing out on quintessential New England summer goodness.

Cape Cod fishing is at its best. Right here. Right now.

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