Top 5 Free Fall Cape Cod Activities

Cranberry WorldThings To Do On Cape Cod for Free!

Cape Cod is loaded with fun, FREE things to do for the whole family in the fall – and all year round!

If you’re a history buff, hiker, wine enthusiast, or a marine wildlife lover – there’s a little something for everyone here on Cape Cod.

Here are the Top 5 FREE things to do on Cape Cod in autumn.

1. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Every wonder what was lurking at the depths of the ocean? Visit the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution at Woods Hole to find out, located in an area well known for its international marine research.The institution offers free walking tours behind the scenes of the center and a number of seminars and presentations.

2. Cranberry World

Learn how cranberries are harvested in a free half hour tour at Cranberry World, a facility set up by one of the nation’s foremost producers of cranberry products, Ocean Spray. Enjoy free samples of cranberry juice and dried cranberries, see a real-life cranberry bog at the museum, open May-November.

3. Fort Hill Trail

Even the inexperienced hiker can enjoy a brisk walk on Fort Hill Trail, a 1.5-mile loop that runs across fields, through oak and cedar forests, and along the edge of Nauset Marsh. The trail also connects to the half-mile-long Red Maple Swamp Trail, which takes you through the wooded forest.

4. Cape Cod Winery

Nothing quite complements a warm summer day like a fine glass of wine. Take in a free wine tasting at the Cape Cod Winery in East Falmouth where they specialize in harvesting grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Seyval and Vidal varietals. The vineyard is open year-round.

5. Marconi Station

Marconi Station was home to the first trans-Atlantic wireless communication between the United States and England was completed. The area, perched 85 feet above the beach, is known for its stunning views. History buffs can also brush up on their knowledge, as there is an exhibit of a scale model of the original wireless station along with a bronze plaque and bust of Marconi.

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