Sandy Neck Lighthouse Is An Historic Gem

Sandy Neck LighthouseThings To See In Cape Cod

Cape Cod lighthouses are always on tourists’ lists of things to see in Cape Cod. They are charming and quintessentially New England.

These majestic lighthouses dot the Cape Cod coastline and while they’re spectacular to look at from a distance, seeing them up close is simply jaw-dropping.

Cape Cod’s Sandy Neck Lighthouse

Many Cape Cod lighthouses date back to the early 1800′s and the Sandy Neck Lighthouse in Barnstable Harbor is one of them.

When it was first built in 1827, Sandy Neck consisted of just a lantern on the roof of the keeper’s house. In 1857, the old lighthouse was replaced by a brick tower , followed by a new keeper’s house in 1880.

By 1931, sand had built up at the tip of Sandy Neck, making the lighthouse’s position less important. The lighthouse was decommissioned, and a skeleton tower with a beacon was placed 200 feet closer to the tip of Sandy Neck.

Eventually, the lantern was removed and the site was sold to private ownership.

Today, Sandy Neck is a wildlife refuge – and its lantern room has been restored thanks to the Sandy Neck Lighthouse Restoration Committee.

Given its long history and location, the Sandy Neck Lighthouse is a popular Cape Cod attraction. It’s a great half-day excursion mixed in, maybe, with a day at the beach.

Cape Cod Summer Vacations

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