Historic Cape Cod Lighthouses: The Chatham Lighthouse

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Contrary to what some people may think about many New England lighthouses, they are NOT a dime a dozen. Each are special in their own way, and the lighthouses on Cape Cod are no exception.

People often revolve their entire Cape Cod vacations around visiting these grand, historic structures. And why not? Many of them are regional landmarks, giving people a glimpse of old New England history.

The Charming Chatham Lighthouse

One of the more breathtaking and unique Cape Cod lighthouses is the Chatham Lighthouse in Chatham MA. It was the second lighthouse built on Cape Cod!

Erected in the early 1800′s, the Chatham Lighthouse endured bitter beach erosion and had to be renovated several times. In 1879, the south tower slid over the cliff, and the north tower was lost 15 months later.

Fortunately, the optics of the twins had been moved to a new set of towers prior to their demise. These two new towers, built of iron plates lined with brick, were completed in 1881. But 1923 marked the end of the Chatham twins, as the north tower was moved to Nauset. The foundation of this light, however, is still visible.

In 1969, the entire lantern room was rebuilt, and 2.8 million candlepower aerobeacons installed, which are visible for 25 miles. The original lantern room is on display on the grounds of the Chatham Historical Society Museum.

In 1991, the lighthouse’s overlook and part of the parking lot were washed away in the “Perfect Storm” on October 31. The lot and overlook have since been restored, and the station is not in any immediate danger from erosion. Considering all that it has been through, people are always amazed that the Chatham Lighthouse is still standing.

Cape Cod Vacations

The Chatham Lighthouse is one of those Cape Cod attractions that should not be missed. Come see it for yourself by taking advantage of one of the many Cape Cod Hotel Packages available year-round in the region.

… And, don’t forget to bring your camera!

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