Finding Inspiration At The Cape Cod National Seashore

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Nothing is more picture perfect than the majestic views from the beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore. In fact, the area has long been an inspiration to artists who come from all over for a taste of its natural beauty and history along the 40-mile expanse of protected land.

Bountiful Beauty

The continuing allure is no mere trend, said Chris McCarthy, executive director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

“It’s a way of life,” she said.

The stretches of land within the Seashore are unique because they are pristine, she said. Even near the hub of Provincetown, about 70 percent of the area remains undeveloped, leaving the landscape as it has been for decades.

“The majority of the people that come are inspired by the landscape and the light.”

Debbie Forman, an artist who lives in Brewster, moved to the Cape from Philadelphia in 1976 for this reason.

“You can walk and you feel like you’ve stepped back a 100 or 200 years. It feels very primitive,” she said about the landscapes at the Cape’s tip. “It’s untouched and the sense of space and the sense of wonder can be translated.”

Carmen Cicero, a surrealist painter and photographer, finds his inspiration in moonlit walks in the pine forest part of the Seashore – particularly the railroad track that runs near his Truro summer home.
“I would walk along and just arbitrarily choose a place to make a turn and walk into the woods,” he said. “I love the mystery of the moon on these lonely roads.”

Cape Cod Vacations

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