This Spring Break, Let Your Kids Meet A Real Hero!


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Although there are some sports figures, pop singers and movie stars who do a lot of good it seems like the number of people our kids have to look up to as role models these days is seriously dwindling. So many of their heroes keep turning out to be cheaters, losers and out and out criminals. You know though, there is a cure for that; getting back to idolizing real heroes.

One of the problems is that the we no longer look up to the true heroes as much as we used to. Not long ago it was those serving the community that children held as their heroes. Its time we got back to teaching our children about the everyday heroes that actually affect our lives, the fireman and the policeman.

This spring break vacation, while your kids are enjoying activities like pool games, scavenger hunts and pizza parties, they can also get to meet some of the everyday heroes that work so hard to make our day to day lives a whole lot safer.

At Bayside Resort Hotel during the kid’s vacation, April 17th through 25th, your kids will not only have the opportunity to participate in a smorgasbord of fun and exciting spring break activities, they will also have the opportunity to watch and perhaps even participate in a demonstration given by a real working police K-9 unit and a demonstration of a real life fire engine.

During the K-9 demonstration kids will learn about the life, training and teamwork required to perform duties as a K-9 officer. They will also be able to watch a real K-9 police team in action, meet the dog and officers, and ask them questions about their jobs and responsibilities.

During the fire engine demonstration kids will be able to climb aboard a working fire engine and watch a presentation of how actual fireman use it and other fire equipment in their fire fighting duties. They can take pictures, ask the firefighters questions, and even take a turn spraying the giant fire hose!

Look into a Bayside Resort Hotel April Spring Break vacation and give you children a fun and educational vacation that will stay with them long after the week is over.

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