Wii Competition Heats Up On Spring Break


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Get your Wii remotes ready. A heated competition awaits during Spring Break vacation.

Bayside Resort Hotel – Cape Cod’s award winning resort – really knows how to cater to kids during April Spring Break – and they’re doing it again this year by hosting Kids Vacation Fun Week.

This is one of the most wonderful Spring Break packages around – simply because it’s fun for the whole family.

Aside from the pool games and live entertainment – the Wii tournament is always a crowd pleaser.

Tournaments are played on Bayside’s big screen TV. Kids show their stuff – and compete for prizes. With Wii Tennis and Boxing – you can bet you’ll be a part of some real heated match-ups. Expect to break a sweat too!

So why sit around playing Wii at home?

Bring the kids to Bayside Resort Hotel for Kids Vacation Fun Week – give them Wii and some great activities to boot.

You and the kids won’t be disappointed.

For more information on the Spring Break packages available for Kids Vacation Fun Week (April 17 -26) and for more event descriptions click here.

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