Thanksgiving 1830’s Style

Thanksgiving Weekend Package Cape Cod Imagine a Thanksgiving Weekend Package Cape Cod that encompasses old Thanksgiving rituals from the 1830’s.

That’s what the good folks in Old Sturbridge Village are offering Cape Cod visitors this November.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in true 19th-century style with events planned on Thanksgiving Day and throughout the weekend.Costumed historians will share how the holiday’s traditions have changed over the years, and will demonstrate how an 1830’s family prepared and enjoyed their Thanksgiving feast. Other activities include shooting matches, a re-created wedding, and Native American food traditions – all guaranteed to blow your mind.

Not only is the preparation the highlight, people thoroughly enjoy seeing what was really on the menu during as well as learning about table manners and other customs. Back then, the settlers used to tuck their rolls inside their dinner napkins!

Make new Thanksgiving memories with your family on Cape Cod this November. Autumn is the perfect time to book a vacation and take advantage of screaming off-season Cape Cod Hotels deals!


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