Cape Cod Restaurants and Dining

A Cape Cod Getaway doesn’t have to break the bank. Neither does dining out on the Cape.

This is a region famous for its beaches, quaint villages, year-round activities –  and its food!

From lobster and steamers to a good ole’ fashion steak, Cape Cod restaurants offer anything – and everything – you and the kids could possibly want and at an affordable price.

When parents book a family vacation with us here at Bayside Resort, we always tell them about two handy online directories that can guide them through the ins and outs of Cape Cod dining.

Cape Cod lets you know which are waterfront restaurants, which have a children’s menu, and which can accommodate  large parties. The site also lets you find restaurant information based on the restaurant type, such as dining or fast food, or you can select by the type of food – seafood, Italian, and Mexican.

Cape Cod calls itself the most comprehensive resource for Cape Cod restaurants. This site allows people to learn more about restaurants based on their location/region. It also features wonderful photos and videos of some famous Cape Cod chefs preparing their favorite dishes.

No one wants any unwanted surprises when they’re eating out on vacation. Together with these sites, the Bayside Resort will make every effort to steer you in the right direction at dinner time.

As for breakfast and lunch, well that’s a no-brainer.  Bayside’s free breakfast and our Bellyfloppers Cabana Bar and Grill are always a hit with our guests – and the envy of those not staying with us!

If you are looking for affordable Cape Cod family vacation packages, then look no further than Bayside Resort Hotel – an award winning Cape Cod Hotel!

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