Summertime at Ballston Beach

ballston beach

Peaceful Pleasures at Ballston Beach

With 560 miles of beautiful unspoiled coastline, Cape Cod offers some of the choicest beach destinations to be found anywhere in New England.

But with so many beaches to choose from, you might have a problem deciding which one to visit.

Sand & Surf

If you love cool water, great surf, warm sands, golden hills and rolling dunes, Ballston Beach just might be the beach for you.

Located in Truro MA, off north Pamet Road, Ballston Beach is a treasure among treasures.

Seaside Splendor

As an ocean beach, Truro offers surfers and bodysurfers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the water. The water is also great for swimming a little further out, or for just cooling off periodically if you prefer to spend you time soaking up the rays. Do take caution in the water though as undertow is sometimes strong.

No Crowds? No Problem!

Due to the fact that Ballston Beach is somewhat off the beaten tourist path it is also less likely that you will encounter the crowds that are experienced on some beaches at certain times of year.

In fact, it is likely that when you climb down the dunes towards the clear cool water, you will feel like you are one of the lucky few allowed to enjoy this wonderful ocean front hideaway.

Cape Cod Beach Vacations

If you’re looking for some fun and sun this summer on Cape Cod, give Ballston Beach a try. It’s definitely a hidden gem – especially if it’s paired with an overnight Cape Cod getaway at Bayside Resort Hotel – a premiere Cape Cod resort destination!

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