Famous Cape Cod Shipwreck Stories

Image provided by Stellwagen Bank Nat'l Marine Sanctuary

Image provided by Stellwagen Bank Nat’l Marine Sanctuary

The Cape is known for its wonderful Cape Cod hotel accommodations beautiful beaches, succulent seafood, and quaint towns.

But did you know that it’s also the hub for some fascinating shipwreck stories?

Right there at the bottom of the famous Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary lies many sunken ships – and marvelous stories to go along with them.

History Of The Paul Palmer

We know of the Steamship Portland which sunk in 1898.

There’s also the story of the 5-masted schooner, the Paul Palmer.

Built by George F. Welt during the New England coal trade, the Paul Palmer departed Rockport, Maine on Friday, 13 June 1913 without a cargo. Onboard were eleven crewmembers, Captain H. R. Allen, his wife, and a female guest.

The lighthouse keeper at Highland Light observed the schooner on fire off Race Point on 15 June 1913. Unable to quench the blaze with the Palmer‘s own fire pump and the assistance of a tug, the crew abandoned ship and were picked up by a waiting fishing schooner. The Palmer burned to its waterline and then sank.

Fascinating Discovery

In 2000, the sanctuary located the Palmer deep in the ocean.

Since its discovery, sanctuary researchers have investigated the site and captured detailed still imagery.

The partially buried remains of the schooner lie on a flat sandy bottom at relatively shallow depth. Portions of the schooner protrude from the bottom around the perimeter of the site, while sand has filled in much of the ship’s center.

Today, the sanctuary continues to document the Paul Palmer and learn about the vessel’s history and the role it played here in New England.

Visit Cape Cod

Cape Cod shipwreck stories have become just as legendary as their New England landscape.

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