Kayak Cape Cod

 kayak cape cod


Explore Cape Cod on Kayak

If you’ve got a knack for adventure, nature, or even just rowing a boat on the water, there is a lot to gaze upon and learn about on Cape Cod’s Great Marsh Kayak Tours. Take the family out for a leisure full ride as you glide with the tides through the marsh on the beginner’s tour, “Tidal Tour”.

Great Marsh Tours

Great Marsh Tours are notable for the amount of wildlife present that you may have not seen up close in person before. The “Naturalist’s Dream Tour” is the best for a family value and contains the most wildlife of all the tours.

Nausaet Marsh Tour

The new “Nauset Marsh Tour” of the lower cape paddles you out to the outer reach where the seals gather. You may even encounter grey seals and shorebirds, including a variety of terns, sandpipers and the resident opspreys!

Sunset Kayak Tour

Lastly, the most scenic tour of them all, the “Sunset Spectacular” makes the marshes and dunes come alive in brilliant color with Cape Cod’s famous sunsets.

Kayaking Essentials

Each trip is about three to three and a half hours long, so come prepared with these essentials:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sun block
  • Bug spray (Bert’s Natural recommended)
  • Sneakers which you can get wet-sandals
or barefoot ok
  • Dry change of clothes for later


  • Bathing suit for swimming
  • Bottled water or juice, fruit, snacks
  • Camera, binoculars (waterproof bags are provided 
for your belongings)


Stay and Play on Cape Cod

This is a nature lover’s paradise, giving an adventurer opportunity to gaze upon the beautiful views of Cape Cod as well witness an eccentric variety of wildlife. Stay and play on Cape Cod by booking your overnight at Bayside Resort Hotel for a fantastic Cape Cod getaway.

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