Provincetown Whale Watching

whale-watch-300x225Provincetown Whale Watching

There are some great Cape Cod attractions to experience in the spring… and one of the best, most exciting attraction are the whales that swim off the coast of Provincetown. Spring is where you’ll find them on Cape Cod, specifically in the Stellwagen Banks.

Each spring hundreds of whales make their way to the region where the feeding grounds are rich. The underwater plateaus, and the myriad creatures they house, are a smorgasbord of sorts for the world’s largest mammals, whose magnificence in turn attracts another set of visitors – people! That’s why whale watching tours are a must on all spring and summer Cape Cod vacations.

Fun Facts About Whale Watching On Cape Cod

Long ago, during the heyday of the whaling industry in the 1800s, ships departing from Cape Cod in search of whales were after more than a sighting. Whale oil and ambergris were the stuff of their dreams.

But these days, boats leaving Provincetown offer educational eco-trips that seek to teach people about these majestic mammals. On-board naturalists share knowledge about the whales and other marine life, and the ecology and natural history of Cape Cod. The whale sightings are also tracked, helping scientists to identify more than 1,300 humpback visitors since 1975.

Typical whale watching tours run three-to-four hours – and excitement always runs high. Be prepared to see majestic humpbacks fluke right next to the boat! They are quite a sight to see.

Cape Cod Vacations

Don’t leave a whale watching trip off your vacation itinerary! Ask the front at any of the areas Best Cape Cod Hotels for more information. It’s a must for every visitor – young and old.


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